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OMG i cant believe it, can you see it, look closely, see it, well i know it's there somewhere, have a better look, OK i can't see it well so i don't know how you can. It's my first grey hair OMG i just turn 29 and this happens. I rang up Matt to tell him but he was LOL,he told me i should do a scrap page about it. I said don't be so SILLY, i will do the next best thing, i will blog it. MEN what do they know. So what to do now pull it out or leave it mm mm sorry grey hair your out.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


WOW WOW WOW I'm in so much shock from all my mates and family that wish me a happy birthday, it means so much to me this year, the texts, the emails, the phone calls and the cards in the mail, from all over the world, France, England, Switzerland, USA and the good old down under.Man you know how to make a girl feel loved.

Suzanne thank you so much for these lovely flowers, wow they are as bright as you.

it's amazing you are at the other side of the world, but you know how to brighten up my day. i miss ya babe. yes i did cry when i open the door to see a man with flowers LOL.
I think it would be a great job to do is to deliver flowers to the happy, the crying, and the mad women. THANK YOU.

thank you Sian for my scrap album, i have to start to fill it up now (it's not going to be that hard to do).OH and the text Early in the morning. hope you are having a great time.

here are the things i got: the huge cup is from mum and dad, it's to put a plant in it but I'm going to put some herbs in it, and the wine and port.
the teddy bears to the cup are from Stephy, she got them out from her bed to give to me so i can give them a hug, while she try to sing me happy birthday mammy(very cute).
Oliver made me a lovely card with a big star on the front.
Nick picked some flower from the yard lovely little red roses.
Matt wrote me a card and well i don't think i should say what else (if you know what i mean) LOL.
Thank you Jess for the best wishes and to put me on your BLOG.
and to the family in France for the calls.
thank you thank you thank you
love marie

Emily's challenge - week 7

shoes- there is always a story to tell.

Well I'm not a shoe person at all, i live in my runners and for work i have my caps boots (very sexy).

BUT for Christmas we were going to the beach, i wanted something easy to put on and off for the kids and to be able to get wet too, what better then CLOGS.

Monday, February 19, 2007

My birthday trip

Yesterday my family thought it would be nice to go and do a day trip out to Mudgee for my birthday, wow it was so lovely to have all of us together it doesn't happen a lot. so like you do when you are at Mudgee you go to vineyards, we did go to a few, but like it was so hot out there
tasting wine was the last thing we wanted to do, but i have to say i did get a few bottles LOL.Most of our day was driving around looking how dry it was out in the country, the sheep and cows were in the middle of the Field eating dust(i couldn't take photo's because it was sad and heart breaking to see). so after a few hours stopping and looking around. I wanted to go to the dam, 2 years ago i was out here with a mate, i remember seeing blue water it was so lovely. Like you can see in the photos a lot has change it was so sad to see.
wow i cant believe it myself,i was in the same spot(well near the same).
wow what 2 years and 3 months change.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


here is the card for week 6 from Emily challenge, it's all about LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

week 2 cc

So this week in cyber crop at scrapbooks paper and thing,
Week 2: “Lots of Patterns, Lots of Paper!” Get your scraps out and select 20- (yes you read correctly!)- 20 DIFFERENT PATTERNED PAPERS to scrap on a single layout using 1 or more photos on your page.
Well i thought it was going to be hard but in the end, it was easy and so much fun, this is why i love doing the cyber crop because i would of not had the idea of using 20 different paper. I'm happy with it, let me know how you like it.
love Marie


I have been away for 5 day to Nelson bay, we had a great time, the sun was out the whole time, the water was lovely.I could move up there in a heart beat, I miss the sea so much, just the smell of the salt is to die for, it's just a different world then the mountains.

Little beach is so lovely we had dinner on the beach one night and saw dolphins swimming around(didn't have my camera not happy about that) i was in heaven when i saw that. We came back here a few time to swim around and try to see more dolphins but we didn't see any(that would be right because i have my camera now).

We took Isadora with us this time, she loved it too there is a dog beach about a 5 min walk from Pat's place so twice a day i would take her down there with Julia's dog Roger, so they would play around on the sand and in the water, it was like watch newly webs running on the beach LOL.

That is it from me for now, I have to get my scrap pagers done now, i will show you when i have finish them.

love Marie

Monday, February 5, 2007

oh my gosh

oh my gosh i got up in the morning to find my new outdoor sitting pillows riped, the foam from inside in parts.
Sitting in the corner was Isadora looking at me like this. WHAT do you think?


do you know what EPHEMERA is?
I had no idea what it was, it was our week 5 Emily Falconbridge card challenge.
Ephemera refers to written and printed matter published with a short intended lifetime.
So i put my star sigh of the week on, the first few lines say:Words are wonderful things. there are dictionaries full of them.
don't you think it's funny because i had to look it up LOL.
I put our business add on it too.
anyway that's is it for me today
love Marie


Annual holidays from work!! Don't you think this is a great way to show the customers that we are having 2 weeks off from work.WOW I'm looking forward of the brake, the first weekend of the Holiday we are going to Nelson bay just to have a swim around and play at the beach, the kids had so much fun last time.
The second weekend I'm hoping to go to Sydney to see a few friends but we have to see about that if Matt gets some work over the weekend.
love Marie

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Photo of my babies

Thursday, February 1, 2007

back to school

WOW school is back this week Oliver is so happy the be back to see his mates and to see what class he will be in. well he is really happy to skip a year and to have the same teacher.
So this year I'm letting him walk to school and home on his own (OK i know it's only a block away from home but his my baby) his been dieing to walk on his own.
Great i have forgotten about the homework part.
i better go