Friday, October 26, 2007


OK i have to say I have an addiction, yes I do have a problems, I cant sleep at night because i just want one more go, I always say just one more then bed but NO an hours later I say it again just one more. So this is a cry for help, please if someone can help me please do, ANYONE.
But I have to give you a warning, you may full for it too.
here it is my addiction


Thursday, October 25, 2007

How lucky am I, I have 3 little monkeys healthy and happy.I love them so much. just wanted to show them off to my family and friends.
Oh I have some great news the climbing gym in Leura is now open. Next week I'm going for my first climb in a year or so. I cant wait but I have put on some weight, so it will be very hard to get to the top.
that is it from me today be good.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Well first thing first Oliver has a crack in his elbow, Its funny after three hospitals, four doc, couple of xrays and a few hundreds dollars later we know what is wrong. there is something wrong with the health system in Nsw, No one wanting to take responsibility to fix up an elbow you have to pay doc alot of money to say what to do. So Oliver is in a new cast for two weeks, then we will see what to do next after more xrays. So new update in a few weeks.

We had a really lovely weekend Sunday we sat around at mum's place with a few friends and eating pizza drinking wine and playing petanque.It was so lovely to just play around and let my hair down. here are a few photo's that i took while sitting out of a game. The one on the top of the post will be going in the art show at the school in Nov, I'm trying to think of a name for it, thinking about "having control" hehehe funny i think because a man has his balls in his hands.

that is it from me tonight feeling a bit sleeping tonight going to bed after idol. GO CARL

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Wow what a weekend I had, It was full on, AT the moment I don't know if it was a good one or not, I have mix feelings about it, my feet are Numb,my eye are tired but I'm feeling good.

I did two markets this weekend, Saturday was with mum at castle hill selling whisk and pins stuff, there was yummy muesli, dried fruit and biscuits, we had to bring Nick and stephy with us because Matt (hubby)had to do the milk run so he took Oli with him.The night before the very early start 4am, Nick was sick, man Nick can vomit, all night long/morning (nick and i had no sleep).You know when you just have to be somewhere and there is nothing you can do about it,well that was me. poor little man, even just before getting in the car he was sick again i don't know how he had anything in his belly.

anyway we got at castle hill and started to unpack the car, poor Nick was so tied that he was sleep walking so I got his car seat out and put it under the table, well he was fast asleep for a few hours while the market was on (very cute).

Stephy just loved the whole thing about the markets, the people, the food. but i think the best bit was that she meet Huey (Iain Hewitson) from the cooking show, well she was so happy about that.The kids love watching him cook on the telly. So after I got the courage to go and ask him a photo with stephy,the camera man wanted to film stephy with him, I can tell you that she loved it there was people everywhere and she just played it well.

Look at the people around the our stall and Nick was asleep under the table.

I can say an hour before packing up stephy didn't have this smile anymore she looked like this
That lovely camera man came back to take ashot of stephy like this too hehehe. Please if anyone sees an add about Huey going to the market please let me know so i can tape it.
On the way home was not fun at all, Stephy was sick and we were to slow to get the bucket this time and it went everywhere, NOW I don't know about you but I'm not very good with vomit but i can clean up it normal, but in a car and a enclose space is a different thing. gggggrrrrrr.
It was a very early night, for all of us that night.
I got up feeling not to good myself, but after a hot shower at 5.30am i was feeling good, Nick was already up eating his weet bit and watching t.v he was fine. Nick and Oliver was with me at blackheath today only because dad was there selling bread while i was selling the nougats. after an hour into it Oliver said that his arm was really sore gggggrrrrr. Matt came to pick him up and took him to the hospital, well he is in a cast, there is something wrong with his elbow but still cant tell, so on Wednesday he has to get other xray done, then they will see if he will need an operation. boys will be boys.
Dad has made a wood fire oven, for the past few month it been his passion, so now that it is finish, we are having pizza for dinner tonight.
So now you know why i don't know how i feel at the moment LOL.
hope you had a great weekend.

Friday, October 12, 2007

First thing first Thanks everyone who gave us the best wishers and asked how Oliver is, the text es, the phone call, the email and the cards was so lovely to get. SO the good news is that it's Ok they don't think it a fractured but it's still to hard to tell, he will be sore for about a week but should be good.

I haven't been scrapbook this week, I have been doing a book for the kids, like a diary, I been wanting to do one for so long. I'm really loving it. it's so easy no fuss to do just put a photo of the things that they are doing then write about, it's not only things they do but things about them too.

Ok what else, I was looking at Donna blog and she was doing an art journal, I just love her art work and the things she does, anyway she got inspired by Suzi Blutube. NOW just a bit of a warning she is a bit out there, the first time I saw it i was like WTF, but after a few post and you tube post I got hooked, I got inspired to do one myself, I'm not good at drawing, or painting but I'm giving it a go. I found an old reading book that i didn't like the read of it and started painting it in white and started my first page I don't have a photo of it, maybe my next post. go and have a look at Susi post.

That is it from me going to play around with the kids outside before it starts to raining.

OH one more thing, a few weeks ago i came across some really yummy nougat I fell in love with it, In my mine i thought i could sell these at the markets, so a few days ago i got boxes of Nougat, so if you are in the blue mountain stop by at blackhealth markets on Sunday and have a look around at all the yummy things there, I will be up there selling french nougat, it's gluten free too, Vanilla pistachio, Vanilla almond, chocolate pistachio, hazelnut almond choc, cherry cranberry pistachio, and wild berry macadamia.


Monday, October 8, 2007

My 100th post

I get a phone call this morning from Meg my sister in law who has Oliver in Nelson bay, She says Oliver has had an accident and his on his way to hospital, ( you never want that phone call), I can tell you everything just froze, the next few minutes was fuzzy, (just writing this is making me cry i don't want that feeling ever again) next thing i hear ed on the phone was he could have a broken arm. The only thing i remember saying was oh no not my baby,how? Well He was riding a bike to fast and flipped over on the handle bars. So the next few hours I'm sitting at home try not to pull my hair out, I couldn't do a thing, he was 3 hours away, just waiting was one of the hardest thing to do. I spoke to Oliver a few times on the phone, that made me feel a bit better to know he was OK but still in a lot of pain in his arm. Matt came home early to drove up there,the time Matt got there we found out that his arm is not broken but there is so much swelling around the elbow that there cant see if there is a fractured in the elbow. GGGGGGGRRRRRRR kids, so they have told us to go back to the hospital in a few days if it's still sore and get other xray on it.
So that was my lovely Monday GGRR Oliver should be home in the morning, I cant wait to get my arms around him and give him so much TLC.
That phone call gave me 10years.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Everyday Garbage challenge bathroom

here is my finish layout for the Everday garbage :

ok I have used 2 pink hair pins, 1 broken hairclip that i put on Stephys hair, I made a star out of cotton tips (ear cleaners) I put pink blush on the tips and I inked my layout with my black mascara.

Have you ever been hit by a bus before, well it feels like i have that last few days, how can you feel great one day and the next you feel like dieing,even opening my eyes were killing me, my body was sore all over, anyway feeling heaps better today it's just my head now.

What did i do this week instead from dieing, Tuesday had a lovely day a Brigitte's place, I have to say she has 2 lovely kids both very sweet kids (I didn't just write that because i know you will be read this Brigitte but because you did a great job with your kids).The two Nick's played great together,they got along really well, I have to say I was a bit worried about my nick how he will go playing with other kids, he has always been a hard kid to please when he finds new friends to play with, but the last couple of months he has open up and allowed kids in. Anais is a beautiful young girl Thanks for your help Anais on naming one of my layouts (it's a colourful world).

here are my layouts i did :

I'm just about to finish a layout for everyday garbage challenge In the bathroom, I will post it later on.

going to have a rest now while it quite here.

Monday, October 1, 2007

photo of the day

love this photo of Stephy