Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy Buzy busy

I know I'm bad but it's been a mad house here the last few weeks. It's been the good, the bad, and the ugly here.

Anyway first thing first Oliver came 1st in cross country race at the school last week so he went to go into district this week, he went really well 9Th out of 100 well done Oliver, very proud of him.

I have to say I have the most lovely people around me at the moment, And how lucky I'm to have there support and love with me. things have been hard around here but without them I would be in all sorts. I would love to say Thank you to Pom and Tony for the flowers and bubbly you sent me from England you guys are my rock. I cant wait to see you soon. To Angela, love getting your messages it means so much to me. hope to see you soon.
I found out a mate of ours has pass away last week, I cant believe it, It's really been a shock to me this week. James you will be misses your heart was huge, there is so many people who has missed out, but Matt and I will never forget you. R.I.P
On a lite note here is my bed mates asleep on the lounge
LOVE Marie

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hi guys yes I know I have been bad with updating my Blog but it's been one of those weeks when days just fly by, It's been a great week for taking photos with storms and lots of sun. I went out to a lookout at Katoomba while there was a storm it was amazing I was walking in 10cm of hail to get a few shots (no photo of that DAM.) Then the next day I was back to take photos of the best view I have everseen up here.

Look what is growing in my veg patch Radishes I (heart)Radishes, can you see my lettuce in the back ground.

ok I have heaps of work to do tonight so I going here is a photo of great mates they sleep/play/eat together very cute. have a great week.
love marie

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yes I'm alive

hey everyone I know it's been a long time but I have been so busy that I have not had time to think about putting a post up. It's only going to be a short one too, I want to show you guys my new back yard (still a bit to do but it's great as is). We have a new outdoor sitting area with the pebbles under your feet love it heaps, the new pave part, it's great for the kids to play on eg handball, basketball (still need to put up ring), riding bikes. The new bigger and better shed is up. The veggie patch is growing like mad. so like you can see we have been busy but it works out so much better for us Like this and in a few months when the new plants start to grow bigger it will look fab. that is it from this side of the world be good and safe.

love marie

p.s if you are reading this please leave me a comment love to know who is looking