Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hi guys yes I know I have been bad with updating my Blog but it's been one of those weeks when days just fly by, It's been a great week for taking photos with storms and lots of sun. I went out to a lookout at Katoomba while there was a storm it was amazing I was walking in 10cm of hail to get a few shots (no photo of that DAM.) Then the next day I was back to take photos of the best view I have everseen up here.

Look what is growing in my veg patch Radishes I (heart)Radishes, can you see my lettuce in the back ground.

ok I have heaps of work to do tonight so I going here is a photo of great mates they sleep/play/eat together very cute. have a great week.
love marie


Anonymous said...

GREAT view (the kid that is). The mountains/ cloud thing aren't bad either.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,
How is life up in the mountains - i bet it is getting cold up there.

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I am think of you and your family often. We will hopefully be up to visit you sometime soon.

Take care give my love to Matt and the kids, love Angela

Anonymous said...

wowww !! cooooooool shots there !!