Sunday, April 29, 2007

Look what we found in the yard this morning, she is so lovely but very scared. she had a great little play with Fleur (our cat )and me, then a feed.
I had to finish making some Anzac bic's to take to work, so i left the front door open to see if the kitty would come in, well she came in looked around for a while then off she went to play with Fleur outside again.
OOOOOOHHHHHH here she is while i'm typing. bye guys

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I had the lovely surprise by being tagged by Jess

today!! So here are some facts about me...

1. I'm not a morning person, however I love getting up before the sun is up.
2. The last thing i do before I sleep, is I play a game on my phone (at the moment it's Solitaire).
3. I have saved a friend's life from drowning at the beach
4. I was very close of dieing,while giving birth to Oliver
5. I have been scuba diving with the sharks
6. When i get flowers I always dry at least one of them.
7. I believe that there is a life after death
8. I'm an organ donor
9. Everyday I feel that I'm getting better being a mum to my kids
10. The day I saw Matt I knew I was going to marry him.


Round 3 week 1 has started this week at

It's so great that it has started again because it's been a long time since i have done a page. this week challenge is:
“What’s in a Name?”
You must include: * At least 1 PHOTO of you * Some JOURNALING (hand written or typed) * BUTTONS * Some BLACK & WHITE PATTERNED PAPER (you can create some yourself if you like) .
I'm really happy how this page has turned out, it's not what i do in normal but it has worked.
let me know what you think

Monday, April 23, 2007


Yesterday we got up very early to go to Nelson bay, for the christening of Eoghan and Lecksi. So after 4 hours sleep we were on the road, it was a great trip. There was no traffic going up. We got to Pat's place at 9.30, just in time to get a few photo's of Lecksi getting dress. Then I got told that I would be taking all the photo's because everyone had forgotten their camera's, GREAT! It was so scary to think if something goes wrong with the photo's they will not have any photo's to remember this spacial day.

So at the church Eoghan got dress, they had to wait for the last minute because he is a really boy boy, one that mud jumps on. OH yes he does have a snorkel in his mouth. He didn't want to go without it, because he was told that the priest was going to put water on his head so in his little mind he needed to take it. VERY CUTE.

The ceremony was one of the best that I have been to. I don't know if it was because I was taking the photo's so I was doing something, but the whole event was lovely. The priest was very nervous about Eoghan having a snorkel, that was his first time that had happen, but something that he will not forget.

So back to Pat's and Helen's place where we had a great lunch and chats. It was very relaxing. I got really lovely photo's of the family sitting around the pool area.
Stephy got her very ugly doll out from her bag, next minute Helen was doing a puppet show with the doll. The sad thing is that everyone of us was singing BOB THE BUILDER CAN HE FIX IT, yes it was very sad,but very funny.

So at about 8.30 it was time to go home it was a long day for the kids, up at 5am and they were still going great without any sleep. We hadn't make it out of Nelson Bay before the kids were asleep.
Made it nice and safe home at 11.30pm and were all asleep before 12.


Friday, April 20, 2007


This morning i took some photo's of Stephy on the trampoline, the setting on the camera was on sport so i couldn't see what i was taking. OMG I have not giggled so much looking at the photo's lol talk about bad hair day lol

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Surprise in the mail

Wow what a great surprise that i got this morning in the mail, It's so great to get something in the mail, Without being a bill. It was a gift from an old mate Angela, I haven't spoken to her for a long time so it was extra special. Thank you so much Angela and Marcus it has made my day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

fun day at the school.

fun day at Oliver's school yesterday,Lot's of things to do but not a lot of time to play, but the kids had a fun time playing around with friends.

Monday, April 16, 2007

happy Easter

hi everyone.

i got the computer back and it's working great, I'm so happy that i can put my Easter photos up, hope you had a great Easter, i had a good one but it would of been better if i didn't have to work, but someone has to do it. HAPPY EASTER

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Hey everyone,
it's been a long time but you still have to wait a few more days or weeks before i get my computer back from the doc,my poor baby got hit by a huge Storm last week.

lots has happen Easter,long weekend,doc,kids and etc so i hope i can remember all of it when i get the computer back.

see ya
love Marie

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Master Nick

LOOK what happens when nick is taking photos of himself!!!

i was taking the photo's but i could not see what was going on, we were in the car.