Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The 3 days of xmas

we had a great xmas this year, we went up to Nelson Bay,The sun was shining and it wasn't to hot. On the 24th we went to the beach to have a splash around at one mile beach, Meg and the two kids came with us and Dom was itching to go for a surf, it was lovely to be outdoors with the young ones. The water did have a bit of a bite of cold, but the kids didn't care

Meg and the kids wasn't going to be with us for xmas day so we did a little xmas opening for the kids, Lexi just loved her new undies YES thats right undies, she couldn't stop folding them putting them on then folding them again priceless. Eoghan got a real kids tool set,well he was so over the moon about it that he couldn't stop looking at it, after 1/2 hour later he got it open. so sweet at that age.

XMAS EVE Katrina and bernad came over with the kids to little beach to have fish and chips on the beach, I have to say I love this beach, The photos didn't turn out : ( but there will be a next time.

Xmas day was a lot of eating, drinking, swimming, singing and laughing, that's what xmas is about. at about 1am in the morning i had to pull Matt off the sing star because we had to be back on the road at 3.30 am to drive back to the mountains. Now that was a hard start. we got to mum's at about 8 am we had a lovely breakfast, and started xmas again.

To finish the year off we went to friends house to party the night away, well the kids partied move then the us.

Matt and I only have one week to go before we go away for a week, Cairns here we came.

happy new year.

Monday, December 22, 2008



Friday, December 19, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Xmas is just around the corner now, i love it, starting to put a few things out this week. I dont think i'm going to put the lights outside this year, it so much work to put them up but even more pulling them down, only time will tell.

On sunday we went to see a friend who had a baby 6 weeks ago, Omg i have forgot how small babies are, wow i cant believe how fast the kids are growing up so fast . look how small she is.

The kids love eating the homemade pizzas that they make at mum's and dad's place, we always have a great time making wood-fire pizzas.

that is it from the killick's

see ya