Wednesday, November 28, 2007

my weekend

OMG what a week, where do i start.

First thing first I had a great/best weekend that we have had in a long time. My good mates Angela and Marcus came over to stay the weekend. I just love it so much when they come up, it's full of laughing and telling stories and more laughing. we don't see each other very much but every time we do get together i remember how much i miss them. I have to say i don't miss the hangover the next day. Marcus that is the last time I drink black Russians (kahlua, vodka and coke) with you.

Thanks guys it was fun.

Monday night i get a photo call from an old mate from school saying that i need to be on facebook because heaps of old mates are on there. well for the last few days i have been glued to facebook and loving everything about it. It's so good to see so many familiar faces. Today I found one of my greatest mates. I had to do a happy dance in my chair. we haven't seen each other for ten years. I don't know why we stop ed talking but it's going to be so great to see him sometime next year. I'm hoping there will be a small reunion with the old gang. but i have to say I'm a bit scared because most of them are still very much still partying hard and after my weekend that just past i will be asleep before dark LOL.

I started climbing again, I forgot how much I love it, It came back to me so easy/well it was hard to get to the top with the extra kg's. I climb with Brigitte it was her very first time but she did really great, maybe we could to it twice a week some day hint hint hehehe. I was a bit sore today while work in the gardens pull out weeds and cleaning up garden beds.I cant wait till next week.

Nick had his first tooth out this week, his tooth was wobbly for about a month. so Monday morning it was just about to fall out and i said to nick just pull it out then the tooth fairy will come. He didn't want to pull it out the easy way so he had to jump on the trampoline while pulling it out lol.

The next morning nick said that the tooth fairy is a very nice girl because she gave me $4.70 for my very first tooth. very sweet kid. if you are asking me why $4.70 is because i forgot all about the Baum tooth, I remembered at 3am in the morning so i didn't have time to count.
what else
oh I sold one more photo (little happy dance).
WELL i think that is it from me.
I need to get some sleep. night

Monday, November 19, 2007


OK it has been a long time since posting, But to tell you the truth I just didn't have it in me to blog or to scrap or even taking photos. Like I say in the last past I was not feeling to good, well it took a lot long to get back into things, But things around here still has to get gone, so the time i did have to myself I couldn't be bother. WEll on the weekend it was back everything hit me and I did 5 layouts Yes 5. NOW you may say that is not alot, but for me that is heaps.

The 1st one is Oliver with his broken elbow, I like it, I used one of the xrays in it.

the 2ND one is nick wanting to be a ghost, kids come up with the funnest things, he wants to be a ghost because ghost don't have to breath, he is just tired of breathing. his new nickname is ghost nick.

The 3rd is Stehy, this is how she is wearing her shoes at the moment, there is a fight ever time we go out. I'm thinking is it really worth fight over how she wears her shoes (mm mm no).

Well I'm an 80's girl and in the 80's there was a show called Punky Brewster, now i was the biggest fan I just love that show (still do love it). I had the Punky t-shirt, the Punky bag, the punky things. So when i first saw Stephy wearing her shoes like that I had a little LOL moment.

I have my own Punky.

The 4Th is my 3 baby together, the 3 amigos

The 5Th is Nick playing petanque, it was his first time playing and he did great.

OH last week was the Art and craft exhibition at the school, well it was great, but A very long day I got there first thing in the morning to help put up the art, then came home for an hour and a bit then back at the school 6pm for the opening.I have to say it looked great. I sold my very first photo, well I'm very happy with myself. I did take photo's of it but only a few turned out GGGRRRR. The photo I sold was the one with the pentanque balls (doing a little dance in my chair).

I have been working in an amazing garden last week, the views are breath taking. You see the 3 sister in one open part of the garden, and the rest is the valley, I couldn't wait for a lunch brake. Not only the view was amazing but there was wallabies jumping around watching me work and lyer birds making a mess in the garden beds lol not happy jan lol.
more news later on

Friday, November 2, 2007

Just a quick post, not feeling to good this week, hoping next week I will feel better. I'm off to Avoca markets this Sunday. wish my luck, I will take photo's of my stall (if i remember my camera). thank you heaps Suzanna your a great mate, miss you babe.
I told you it will be quick