Friday, February 20, 2009

I know it's been a long time,Things are moving so fast around here at the moment it's hard to get time to blog.

We are putting the house on the market, so we have been sorting things out, there is so much stuff. We will be going up to Nelson bay to rent for a while before we find some land to buy. I have to say I'm so looking forward to it, the big move. we have been wanting to do it for years now but things never worked out. so fingers cross that the house will sell.

I have started a Horticulture course this year, so now I'm an apprentice to Matt. It's been great going back to school/tafe and getting into the business. the great thing is that I can finish it off up in Nelson bay too.

so much more to tell but not today.


thank you for all the birthday wishes too