Friday, February 23, 2007


OMG i cant believe it, can you see it, look closely, see it, well i know it's there somewhere, have a better look, OK i can't see it well so i don't know how you can. It's my first grey hair OMG i just turn 29 and this happens. I rang up Matt to tell him but he was LOL,he told me i should do a scrap page about it. I said don't be so SILLY, i will do the next best thing, i will blog it. MEN what do they know. So what to do now pull it out or leave it mm mm sorry grey hair your out.


jess said...

If it makes you feel better... i cant see it!!!!
So.. did you yank it out??
Xx jess

lusi said...

LOL! I tease Brett all the time for his couple of grey hairs!!! I can't even see it :)
Those flowers and things you got were so lovely on your birthday! Happy belated birthday darling Marie!!!
Lus x

Siany said...

HAHAHAHAHA Youre so OLD!! But I still love ya!! Glad to hear you had a good birthday! Im missing home! See you soon!! xoxoxox