Monday, February 19, 2007

My birthday trip

Yesterday my family thought it would be nice to go and do a day trip out to Mudgee for my birthday, wow it was so lovely to have all of us together it doesn't happen a lot. so like you do when you are at Mudgee you go to vineyards, we did go to a few, but like it was so hot out there
tasting wine was the last thing we wanted to do, but i have to say i did get a few bottles LOL.Most of our day was driving around looking how dry it was out in the country, the sheep and cows were in the middle of the Field eating dust(i couldn't take photo's because it was sad and heart breaking to see). so after a few hours stopping and looking around. I wanted to go to the dam, 2 years ago i was out here with a mate, i remember seeing blue water it was so lovely. Like you can see in the photos a lot has change it was so sad to see.
wow i cant believe it myself,i was in the same spot(well near the same).
wow what 2 years and 3 months change.

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jess said...

**HApPy BiRThDaY MAriE!!**
Sounds like you had a great family outing for your birthday!!!
Great pics of the kids! I cant believe how much they all are growing (especially the boys!!)
That is SO scsry seeing those two photos of the damb!!!
They obviously didnt get that huge downpour the other week?!! We all need to do so much for global warming! But what?? I wish there were tv ads or something to help give us an idea what to do to HELP instead of just scaring us!!!
Xx Jess