Monday, January 7, 2008

photo's from xmas

Well I don't have alot of photo's of Xmas because i used my video camera most of the day, I have to say we had a fab time, Xmas eve I made a lovely dinner for my parents,Pat Matt's mum and my little group, It was the first time in years that we sat down and had a meal together it was very lovely,the kids were really good, so after dinner the kids open one gift then bed, well i through we would of had to fight to get the kids to bed but they were asleep before
there heads hit the pillow.Mum and dad stayed the night so they could see the kids faces in the morning. I was the one who couldn't sleep that night hehehheheh.The kids had everything that they wanted, so it started off great,but the Biggest surprise was my new camera from Matt,(still trying to work it out).

For lunch we went to Margette's and Alain's place, wow like very 2Nd year it was amazing,the food was amazing, the family/friends were the best people to hung out with for a lovely Xmas dayy.

We got home at about 7pm the kids went to bed,while, Matt, Pat and I played on the Wii heheheh it's a lot of fun.

I will have to try to work out how to put the video on here.


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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOOOOD !! LOOK AT THIS AMAAAAAAZING XMAS TABLE !!! NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL A BEAUTIFUL XMAS TABLE !! ....hmmm unlike mine doh !!! just as well i didn't take photo of it !!!