Tuesday, September 25, 2007

wow what a weekend

What a fab weekend we had, two days of food, drinking and family. It was Liz's 21st birthday she looked great. Helen did an amazing job,with the whole two days,The decor about the pool was lovely and the food was yum, Helen makes the best salads in the world,oh and she made a great birthday cake too. All the kids got along great,on the Saturday it was a bit chilly but it was better like that because with all the alcohol consume there would of been more worst to wear in the morning lol,Sunday was so hot and lovely that all the sore headed people sat around
and taking it easy,but after Helen's great lunch everyone was getting back into it, that was our quay to go lol. thanks for a fab timebut before we got back on the road we had to have an ice cream on the wharf, well we were not expecting any thing to happen down there so while sitting on the bench on the wharf a guy dress in a borat swimmers jumps in front of us into the water,wtf, we turn around and there is about 20 young guys LOL with a video camera, so I'm having a look on youtube for it.

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Brigitte said...

Hi again Marie !!
Looks like you had a fantastic time there !! hehehe and whats??!???? was this really happening at the beach with that guy there ??? OMG !!!
anyway, love also the photo of the cake...yum yum !! and it looked like a wedding cake with the flowers next to it !! :)