Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kids free weekend

We were lucky to have a kids free weekend, It was the first time we didn't have the kids, Oliver has gone to Nelson bay for the school Holiday, and the two little ones went to mum's. Mum and dad took them to a friends farm to see the animals. So like we didn't have to be anywhere or run around after kids, Matt and I had a great time, it was like dating again, well we made it as a date, it's been so long that we have been alone together, I was a bit scared we wouldn't know what to talk about or do together, but it was like riding a bike you never forget how much we love each other. On Saturday we went to Penrith to play mini golf, Matt won by ONLY two, then we had a few hits at water golf, just hitting the ball in water, well you have to try to get the ball in the basket, I was no were near it,Matt was trying to hit the ball over the dam, got close a few times but couldn't do it, but i have to say it was windy and it was pushing it back to us.

We had a look around the mall, we updated our mobile phones to a Nokia E65 I have the red one and Matt has a black one, I have to tell you it's so hard to work out, I'm not very good with electronics things so it's doing my head it, what happen to the phone that you can text talk and play games on, this phone has a manual has big has my camera maybe even bigger.

We decided to go and play a few games of ten pin, well i have to say i played so bad that i just LOL at myself, Matt did really good. can't remember the scores but that was fine by me, yes it was that bad. I forgot to take photo's because we were having so much fun that time just flew by.

We went out to dinner too, we had Thai, it was yummy,got home and there was no mess no toys on the floor just a normal house, went to bed early it was a full on day. I have to say it so imported to go out the with your husband or partners when you have kids, you meet the person before you have the kids and have a great time, and the minute you have kids life goes upside down and round so fast you forget about each other. Don't get me wrong I love having me little monkeys but it was so nice to have Matt all to myself.

Wow Sunday morning there was no kids watching you sleep,there was no mum he did this to me, mum she bit me, mum can we have o.j with weetbits,mum the dog ate my shoe, no nothing, it was so quite that it was a bit eyre, but nice, we didn't do much at all today,just hung out at home, oh we did go to the auction place in katoomba, love that place it was my first time there but it will not be the last, so much get stuff, the bad news is we didn't win anything but the good news is we did spend anything. so that is it from me.

Cant wait till tuesday to go and play at Brigitte's place


Anonymous said...

Heyy marie !! you must be a better blogger than me bcos i haven't read this post and..i'm pretty sure i came to read your blog for the past days !!
Well, loooove that shot of the bowling !!! you always do cool and unusual shots !!

Anonymous said...

oh ...and...isn't good to 'date' again ?!??! i think we should all do it again on a regular basis just to have a break and get refreshed !!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Nathan and I are just getting used to a bit of child- free time at night time... but a whole weekend? We'd just fight! LOL LOL LOL I'm glad you guys had such a good time, tho. :) Nadia