Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I was bored tonight if you want to do it, please do and let me know

1. Where is your mobile? on the bed
2. Your Partner? watch something on the telly
3. Your hair? on my head, OK on my legs too,(i have been busy)
4. Your mom? at home
5. Your dad? at home,asleep in his chair with the cat on his lap
6. Favourite thing? My camera
7. Your dream last night? I was at my old house looking for something,and found a new room
8. Your favourite drink? tea
9. Your favourite Car? i would have to say a GM
10. The room where you are? my bedroom
11. Your last partner? don't know, don't care
12. Your fear? loosing my family
13. What would you like to be in 10 years? don't know........mmmm........I'm living my life now what ever happens happens
14. With whom did you spend yesterday evening? Matt and the kids
15. What are you not? sad
16. What was the last thing you did yesterday? put a load of washing on, then bed
17. What are you wearing right now? My P.J's
18. Your favourite book? My sister's keeper by Jodi picoult
19. What was the last thing you ate yesterday? fish and 2 veg
20. Your life? Mad
21. Your mood? was good before this lol
22. Your friends? love them
23. What are you thinking right now? how many more questions lol
24. What are you doing right now? are you kidding me
25. Your summer? beach
26. What runs in your television? Electricity ?
27. When did you laugh the last time? Today after hitting myself in the ribs, I was pulling a weed out and it came out a bit faster then the others.(it was a long day of weeding)
28. When did you cry the last time? Monday night with sian
29. School? like Oliver says, the S word is a swear word
30. What are you hearing right now? clicking of the key board
31. Favourite weekend activity? going home after work
32. Dream Job? a photographer
33. Your computer? LG life's good lol
34. Outside of your window? pot's and plants
35. Beer? sometimes on a very hot day
36. Mexican food? yummy
37. Winter? let it snow
38. Religion? None, I'm staying out of it
39. Vacation? somewhere,anywhere would be nice
40. On your bed? my mobile,the cat and socks
41. Love?LOVE is life,makes the world go round

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