Monday, May 14, 2007


so most people know's that i got 3 tickets to go to see PINK and it was going to be a girls night out with Sian and Jess, so after i brought the tickets i realise that it was on mother's day, and like it was mothers day the girls would have work, I was so upset that we couldn't have a girls night out.
So instead of the girls, Matt and Foss came, it was great because it worked out(still would of loved if Sian and Jess came) really well because Foss's sister (Stephanie)and sister in law(Anna) was going the same night. the funny thing is that we sat in the same row but different section.
Matt and i court the train down to the Sydney entertainment centre, it was a good trip down we played a few game of cards. when we got there we had dinner in china town,yum yum. it has changed so much in 7 years. after dinner we meet up with the girls and had a few drinks.

we were sitting about 50m away from the stage, i would of loved to be closer,but like you can see i got really great shot's. the sound was amazing and light was WOW.
Pink was doing rope tricks on stage, man it was so cool, spinning around without safety rope on her.Not only did she sing, danced but she talk as well, she is a very smart woman.
I had a really great time it's been a long time since we went out, and it was worth every little bit of it even that we got home at 2.30am in the morning and that i have a very sore throat this morning LOL


jess said...

WOW!!! Great photos!!! Looks like you all had fun!!
Looks like the concert was spectacular!!
Cant wait to hear more about it when we talk next!
Xx Jess

Debs said...

fantastic pics!! looks like an awesome night out!! like your taste!! xx

Siany said...

Great pics Marie! Looks like you had a really good night!! Im sure we'll hear all about it at work!! xx