Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WE have made it to ANNA BAY

Well we are here, and loving everyday of it. Life a beach. It's a skip and a hop to the beach, skate park and park. The kids go swimming most days after school. On the weekend we go fishing, driving on the sand domes, and always outdoors.

Kids are loving the new school,they fitted in great,the school is heaps bigger then the last which is good.

I still pinch myself on most days because we have been wanting to do this move for years and now we are here.

Anyway here are some photo so far, heaps move to came.

love marie


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a dream, congrats! More photos of the kids, please- that includes Steph!!!!!

Brigitte G. said...

oh my goshhhhh !!!! STOP MAKING ME JEALOUS !!!!!!!!!!

heyyy you said it was a small, nothing xciting house, i think it looks grrreat !!! Love it !! and oh my goshhh sooo spacious in your new Lounge room and so bright and so sunny :) what a change huh ??
hmmmmm.... thinking about you... in the Blue mountains...with my heater on, (socks and big jumper on too :(

Well done for the move, it takes courage to do this :) but looks like it was meant to be :)

miss you xxx

ohhh and photos are awwwesome :)