Saturday, November 22, 2008

lot's of stuff

Well it's been a very busy few weeks here in the killick's house, Lot's of planing and running.
It's like this all the time but i thought i should write a few things down so here comings the point form way.

*OH this is what Stephy's hair looks like after getting it out.


* we got free tickets to see the rugby world cup a month ago, so when we found out it was France playing we went down to watch the game, big upset it would of been better if snails were playing. but it was a great family day out.

* Stephy got her first big hair cut this week, cut all the curly curls out.

the 3 best mates on stage

The kids had an ABBA spectacular at the school, wow it was amazing, every kid did a fab job. Oliver sang" SOS" and Nick sang "That a chance on me"

*Amanda meet me in Penrith, always a great laugh.

HAppy BiRtHdAY mum.

*dad never to old to play with Bubbles.

*Talk about bubbles i sold a photo at the art show at the school this year, I was shocked because I didn't like the photo, I cant show you which one it is because i cant find it, but it was a bubble.

* Oh I got my L's never to old to start driving, now i have to do 120 hours before I get my P's

* going to the gym everyday, loss 2 kg's in 1 week.

that is it

love Marie

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