Monday, January 21, 2008

why me

I'm still alive but my computer is having a face lift,so that is why i have not been updating in a long time, i miss reading every one's blog but I'm hoping in a week or two i will be back, once again my computer is giving me the s#%*s, It looks like we have losted all of our data on the computer I mean ALL, business stuff, photo's, everything from about6 years ago, I have saved a few things on Cd's. But a few months ago we got an external hardrive to put everything on it for a back up our computer has more space and it could work a bit faster, it was the best thing. I was happy that we did that, well after 3 months it didn't what to work, our computer didn't what to work too. GGRRRR. When the external hardrive didn't what to start up my heart stopped my babies photos are on it, so I got my mate to have a look at it, NO good news, still no photo's after hours and hours trying to look for it still nothing. FINGERS CROSS.

The good news is that we can get it back but it will cost a couple of thousands YES thousands to get it back. what i did find out that most peoples computer has a life time about 5 years then the hardrive in your computer will die, but in our luck both of our hardrive died in one hit. it was not from a storm, it was not a virus, it just stopped. You may think the external hardrive was a cheap one but it wasn't it was one of the best you can get on the market because we did our research on hardrives, no good that that did.

SO that is it, I do feel very sorry for myself at the moment. so please everyone please do your best to back up at least 3 times and don't count on only external ones.


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Anonymous said...

Heyyy Marie !! hope you'll get your photos back but...hmmmm few thousand dollars ?? OMG !!!!
but...what do you mean by 'backing up' ??? actually we due to have something done too. Either buy a new one or...something...well you know me with computer makes 2 !!!
Hope all will be better soon huh !!!