Monday, August 27, 2007

The day trip

One of my fave buildings in the city hahah

Saturday night Matt and i thought to go down to Manly in the morning. Up early to get a full day at the beach. We got there at 9 am and the place was packed we hundreds of people sitting in cafes walking the mall, I have to say Matt and I was very overwhelm with the amount of people around.

The one reason why we went to Manly was because great old mates (they are brothers) open a burger place last Wednesday so after hearing about the yummy burgers we had to go and try some out. Lets just say it was worth the trip down to just have the most yummiest burgers ever, but while down there we had to go and have fun on the sand,we didn't go swimming only because the kids has been sick of the last couple of weeks so we didn't want them to get sick again. the address of
BENBRY BURGERS is 5 Sydney road Manly.
this is baby Olivia Aubry's baba

On the way home we went to get the car wash (with recycle water) the kids thought it was the best bit of the trip LOL. Nick screamed when the water came out of nowhere hitting the window, the joy on there faces was priceless. oh and if you were wondering where are the photo's of Oliver,well he said he didn't want to go because his brother was going ggggggggrrrrrrrr when will they stop fighting.

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BrigitteG said...

More awwwweesome photos Marie !!
Looooove the beach shots !!!

BrigitteG said...

ohhh and how cooool is that shot with the wave ...and with the sail boat !!!!!!
Loooooove it !!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Gorgeous!

This is such a lovely site, I have had a look and the pictures are amazing. I can't believe how much older the children look! Scary! Oli will be 6ft when i see him next year!

Hope all is okay

Love you babe

Suzanne xxx