Thursday, July 5, 2007

things to share

So it's been i while since the last time i was on here, Time has flown past again, it doesn't help when you have 3 kids and 2 of them are sick gggrrrrrr.

* I did a spring cleaning here,not only a spring cleaning but changing rooms too, people who knows me I'm always changing the furniture around. So now the boys are in one room, lucky that we only have had a few fight so far. The best bit about moving things around is that i have a scrap room/office, it's working great we have a t.v in there too, so the kids have room to watch t.v and room the play too, I have heaps of room to make heaps of mess,and scrap.

*Last Saturday I did a course on OHS general Induction for construction/ work safety on construction sights, i needed to get a white card for our gardening business, WOWOWOWOWO I got it, It was the easiest test.

*this week is my last week at the Swiss cottage, so after many years of working there it will be the end, I have mixes feels about it. happy sad glad.

*After seeing Sian's mini album I had to do one,so much fun making it,still have a few more pages to put in it.

*It was Sian's 20Th birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIAN.

*I scraped a box to put all my cards and letters that my great pom mate Suzanne sends me every2 weeks. Miss you babe.

* Matt got a new huge landscaping job in springwoods, very happy about that.

That is it from here, have to go kids fighting.

love Marie


BrigitteG said...

Heyyy Marie !! You've been busy too !! and yes i know about kids and school holidays !!! your new 'crafty room' looks cool !! makes a lot of difference to be able to just ...leave things around !! well, hope you have a good farewell at the restaurant and...maybe we'll have more time to scrap huh ???

BrigitteG said...

oh BTW, looove your mini album !!
and...well see you very very soon at Mel's Class ! Cant wait to scrap with all of you !!