Thursday, July 19, 2007

OMG what a week I have had, most people knows that I finish working at the Swiss cottage, So I was hoping that I would get 1 or 2 weeks off before I can get back into work, well it started soon then I hoped, working with Matt is going to be ready good we have great ideas for the few gardens that we are doing, but it's nothing like working in a kitchen, everything you do in gardening takes so long to get anywhere,we a building a deck and garden beds at the moment, all the nuts and bolts you have to screw for the deck takes forever, and very time I dig a hole for the garden bed I hit rock so that takes longer to work around, but the good thing is that I know what I'm doing, the night before if I'm not 100% sure and Matt is to busy to help me I call my dad or Google. (forgot to take photo's show you next time). So you are asking where are the kids, well first Oliver's at school, and mum looks after the kids for a day and there is daycare too. So the days I'm not out in the cold,I'm on the phone or net trying to find supplies, so happy with myself today saved on $400 on plants, mm mm could get heaps on scrabooking things with that LOL (joking Matt).
so talking about scrapbooking I have my nights to scrap, I have been busy making a book for a great family friend,we are having a Xmas in July in the next few weeks and I thought it would be nice to make something. here are photo's of the mess. I will take photo's of the book when i have finish making it
well that is it for me have to get back into it, the house is a mess and going to Penrith tonight with mum to shop at target for the toy sale.

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BrigitteG said...

Heyyy Marie !! you're as 'messy' as me LOL !!!!!
Hear to hear all is working well for you !!
Anyway won't be too long, typing with the french keyboard is driving me mad (forgot how to do it ) !!!
Will catch up later on,
Brigitte ... still in New Caledonia !!!