Saturday, June 23, 2007


Wow this year winter magic was amazing, it was the first time that i really liked it, Matt cant stand the whole thing, so we went up there with Nick and Stephy had a very quite walk around then Matt took the kids home, So i was up there for hours taking photo's of all the people who dressed up for it,the atmosphere was rocking,the proformas were entertaining like all ways.

What i loved about it is that you see so many different characters in one place and everyone gets along great.

If you have never been you should come up onE year it's a must see,step out of the square you live in HAHAHA.


BrigitteG said...

Heyyy i can't believe imissed all these ! had to take Nicky to soccer training and by the time we got there, it was still busy but missed of course the parade ect...
Beauuuutiful and interesting photos Marie(you always amaze me !!)
Catch-up soon !

jess said...

Love your photos marie!!
you definately captured all the fun festivities!!
Xx Jess

P.s. visit my blog... You've been tagged

Anonymous said...

Looks like a gr8 day- ohg nick looks like oli in that photo! nadia