Friday, June 15, 2007


OK i know, I'm a bad blogger, sorry but i have been busy with nothing. So what have i been doing the last 2 weeks.

*Had a girls night out at Evelyn's place there was Anna,Foss,Lucy,myself and Evelyn. Had a yummy dinner,played uno,drinking and watched a really bad movie called snakes on a plane. I missed my train to get home so i stayed the night had a great time.

*It was my dad's birthday, we don't do much for birthdays but we made a lovely dinner to be all together, i made a lovely octopus salad. It was a great night the kids thought it was great. it was the first time stephy to sing happy birthday very cute.

*I put my notice at the Swiss cottage been there a long time, had many years of great times but it's time to change.

*been doing the photography class love it, I'm starting to be happy with a few photo's i have been taking, it hard for me to say that, i get to hard on myself.

*I had the 3 kids with me one day so i took them to echo point, i take a few photo's and went for a walk around, had a really great fun day. Can you tell which photo that the kids was over it, I just love that look stephy is doing lol.

*been working with Matt, last week we woved fire wood ggggggggrrrrrrrr not fun hard work.

*last weekend we had my sister in law and brother in law and my little nephew and niece over for the day, i didn't see much of them but it was great to see them.very cute kids.

*The weather has been very cold the last few weeks had a bit of snow falling, i really hopes it comes down this year.

* please go and have a look at MY SPACE it's on the right side of this page on top same where,it's a few photo's i have been taking.

* that is it from me i will try hard to keep you posted.

love marie


Anonymous said...

HALLELUJAH! She updates her blog! Don't you know this bored and lonely house- mum relies on weekly photos of those 3 gorgeous kids? Oli looks so tall! Love the coordinated blue outfits! So cute! Nadia

Siany said...

Wow! What a post!! lol
Great photos Marie!! You should be proud! Your kids are so cute and theyre getting so big!!

jess said...

welcome back!!
Great photos of the kids at the three sisters!! i can see one of those framed on your wall!!!
So happy your enjoying the photography course! your going great, especially with the zoomed in things!!
Xx jess

BrigitteG said...

Heyyy you're back !! i've been checking your blog on a regular basis ! as usual, loooove your photos !! well doing nothing ? are you kidding ? looks like you had lots of fun and lots of good quality family time, that's all that matters !!