Wednesday, May 2, 2007

photo shots

I don't call myself a photographer, But I love to take photos, The things I see when I want to take photos is mine blowing You don't have to go far to find lovely things, step outside the square you live in and look. Not just look, really look. The other thing is when you take photo's it's free, well for me it is, like they say the best things in life are free.
Next week I'm doing a photography course. The basics, how to use my camera. Then I hope I can find other course that will fit in with my life.
Here are a few shot's that I love

Oh just a little update we know who belongs to that lovely kitty, it is our neighbour's cat. Oh it's a boy not a girl.


Anonymous said...

well i finally made it a big hug and kiss from your mate steve in sunny England,nice pics btw

Siany said...

great pics! at least you can still play with the pretty kitty even if you cant keep him!

jess said...

Your photos are great! I especially like the 1st, 2nd, 3rd photo and the one of the beautiful kitten!!!
Thats great you are doing a course!! Where?!
Xx JEss

Anonymous said...

these photos are gorgeous certainly have an eye for detail!

Anonymous said...

Those photos are fabulous- I think you underestimate yourself! Hey, you took a great photo of Nathan and I and that's not easy!! I like the cat one the best, but I LOVE the kids photos the best! Nadia