Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Trip down to Penrith

Yesterday I had to do a few things in Penrith, so Nick, Stephy and I court the train down, the kids love the train, but after 1/2 hour they started to get bored with i spy games.so the next 1/2 they were driving me up the rail.
so out came the camera and the kids posed like little models.

We got to Penrith and the first thing we saw was the Easter bunny well let me tell you, that it was great because i said on the train if you guys are good the Easter bunny will come soon,so the first thing Nick said was, that he must of been good on the train because the man in the bunny is here LOL, yes you do read that right he said the man in the bunny.
Oliver who is 7 1/2 years old still thinks the bunny is real, and nick who is 4 1/2 worked it out(well maybe this bunny).


Anonymous said...

have i mentioned what a legend that boy is? so clever!nadia

Siany said...

hehe so cute!! Cheeky kids!