Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I had the lovely surprise by being tagged by Jess

today!! So here are some facts about me...

1. I'm not a morning person, however I love getting up before the sun is up.
2. The last thing i do before I sleep, is I play a game on my phone (at the moment it's Solitaire).
3. I have saved a friend's life from drowning at the beach
4. I was very close of dieing,while giving birth to Oliver
5. I have been scuba diving with the sharks
6. When i get flowers I always dry at least one of them.
7. I believe that there is a life after death
8. I'm an organ donor
9. Everyday I feel that I'm getting better being a mum to my kids
10. The day I saw Matt I knew I was going to marry him.


jess said...

Great facts about you marie!
I didnt know you went swimming with the sharks!?! WOW!!

Siany said...

I have to play a game before bed too!! I cant sleep otherwise!! Mines backgammon LOL.. I think I knew almost everything else!! Its interesting to see what you dont know!!