Thursday, March 1, 2007

week 4 cc

“Sing us a Song”
Use a SONG TITLE/LYRICS for inspiration on a layout. You must include: * Either part of the TITLE/LYRICS on your page * One 8 x 12 INCH PHOTOGRAPH (24cm x 30.5cm) OR 6 X 8 INCH PHOTOGRAPH * The colours GREEN and WHITE.
well what better then our wedding song POWER OF LOVE by Celine Cion.
i didn't want to put much on the LO because the photo Say's it all.
Don't know why we had that song but i think it was because of the chores "cause i am your lady and you are my man whenever you reach for me I'll do all that i can." OK stop singing now


jess said...

Great work!!!
Great Idea!!!
I love it!
Xx jess

Anonymous said...


This site is great! Keeps 'your' Tony and I amused :) Also reminds us what a great family you all are! Missing you loads


The girl from across the pond xxx