Saturday, March 17, 2007


normaly Saturdays there would be Matt or i working, one or two kids at mum's and dad's place, but today we were all together so after a slobby kiss from the dog this morning, i thought it would be lovely to go for a walk, so i looked up for a garage sale place and off we were gone.
first thing we saw was the devils under 4 team of football at the oval so we were there for a little bit, there were playing Rooty hill (just to let you know that the devils katoomba was kicking there little butt). GO DEVILS.

So after that we found the garage sale not much there,we got 3 CD for $2. Bon Jovi,100%hits of 1995 and it gets better McLeod's daughters songs from the series, LOL i have to say that one is for my mum because she loves that show.

On the back we stopped off the the park but we thourght we would take a short cut, like you can see it was not easy to get up, i was laughing so hard at this point i could not help Matt to get the kids up, but we made it.

trying to take photo's of the kids and Matt on the swings was hard, but i was really happy with what came out.
Matt did try to get one of me but this was the best one, only because you can see my head lol.

after 3 hours of walking and playing around we had to go to mum's place to pick something up and to drop off the CD, Matt found a blue tongue lizard in the garden, Oliver just picked it up with out any fear and played with it. MMMMM i remember that i use to do that at that age, but not anymore.

so that was our Saturday morning,so now i may start on doing the cc for this week i haven't started it. i may do it of the kids on the swing.
see ya!!! hope you had a great Saturday.
love Marie


jess said...

great post marie!! Loved looking at all your photos and reading the story to go along with it!!
Im so happy you all had such a fun saturday!

Siany said...

Such cute pics!! Even the one with your head cut off!! hahaha

Glad you had a great day!!